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World Children's day 2016

Data tal-Pubblikazzjoni: Nov 20, 2016

Today is World Children’s Day, a day which is commemorated all around the worldand which celebrates the rights of children as human beings. Children are people today, their ideas, opinions and experiences should be heard and should be given due weight and consideration at home, in schools, as well as in all the decisions taken on their behalf.

This day should be celebrated on a national level therefore the Office of the Commissioner for Children was instrumental in encouraging schools and other entities to organise activities for children in order to commemorate this special day. Over 50 primary and secondary schools, including State, Church and Independent Schools, have organised various initiatives during the week leading up to the day. These include: No homework day, special assemblies, healthy eating workshops, sports activities, games, crafts, discussions and activities embracing diversity. Various other entities including various Local Councils will also be organising activities on the actual day. The Office distributed a banner to all participating entities.

The Office also distributed two publications namely Kiko u l-Id, a Council of Europe Publication as part of the One in Five Campaign to stop sexual violence against children. The 18th of November was also the European day for the Protection of Children against sexual exploitation and abuse. This story can be read directly to children by their parents/carers and teachers and comes with an insert addressed to parents and educators. This was disseminated to all children in Kinder 2. The other publication is B’Saħħitna ma’ Ġuġinu, an activity book designed with the specific aim of encouraging children from an early age to eat healthy food. This was disseminated amongst all children in year 1.

 A message from the Commissioner was also sent out to all primary schools to be read out to the children.

In order to mark this day, the Hon. Minister Dr Michael Farrugia, Minister for the Family and Social Solidarity, was invited to visit the Office of the Commissioner in order to be informed of the work being carried out as well as to present him with recommendations and suggestions to amend policy and legislation in the best interests of children.​