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Sexual Abuse Against Minors

Data tal-Pubblikazzjoni: Nov 18, 2016

The Council of Europe declared the 18th of November to be the European Day Against Sexual Violence against Children. Without entering into the merits of the alleged sexual abuse against minors in a school, which allegations are under Police investigation, the Office of the Commissioner for Children deplores any violent and abusive action against children.

The Office also condemns without reservation all violent sexual abuse against children irrespective of who perpetrates it. Let us not forget that adults particularly those who are entrusted with the care of children should be models of values and behavior that are respectful of the dignity of every single child.

It is important to remember that children are to be protected not only from sexual abuse but also from premature judgment.  The media, whether it is traditional media or social media, has a duty to be sensitive towards the feelings and emotions of minors.

Sexual violence against children, which includes improper behavior, should never be tolerated regardless of who engages in such behaviour. Children should from an early age be taught about what kind of behaviour can lead to abuse.

The Office would like to stress that whoever is aware of any abuse perpetrated against children and does not report this to the relevant authorities is complicit in this violent act. This is important in the light of the fact that many abuses against children are committed by people within or close to the child’s family. In many cases, this leads to other people who know of the abuse having dilemmas as to whether they should report. It is imperative that we all realize that the best interest of the child prevails over any other interest.

Over the past days the Office has been distributing a copy of Kiko u l-Id, a Council of Europe publication, to all children in Year 2. This booklet, with an insert for parents, should help parents to teach their children to distinguish between acceptable and unacceptable behaviour.​