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Launch of Big Book in Maltese

Data tal-Pubblikazzjoni: Ġun 17, 2015
The Office of the Commissioner for Children has launched a Big Book in Maltese entitled Tamara - il-ħmara li m’hawnx bħalha. The story aims to promote diversity and integration amongst young children. The Big Book was produced in collaboration with the Directorate for Quality and Standards in Education, specifically the Department of Curriculum  Management and the MCAST Instiute of Art and Design. 

Diversity and Integration are both principles which are enshrined in the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child and the Big Book aims to promote these rights amongst children from an early age. The Big Book will be used as a teaching aid in all Kindergarten II classrooms since such big books introduce the concept of reading from an early age, enhance creativity and thinking and most of all make reading fun. Big books aslo encouarage collaborative learning.

The Big Book has vibrant and colourful illustrations in order to be appealing to young children and also has thick and lacquered paper for resistence. The story for Tamara -il-ħmara li m’hawnx bħalha was written  in rhyme by Ms Tania Mangion, Education Officer for the Early Years and the design was created by Mr Peter Aquilina, a student reading a course at MCAST Art and Design. The Big book is also accompanied by a CD which contains a quiz, a set of Flash cards and a sheet for colouring.

The Big Book was launched at St. Benedict College, Ghaxaq Primary School where the story of Tamara - il-ħmara li m’hawnx bħalha was acted out by the Drama Unit under the guidance of Mr Giovann Attard,  Education Officer Drama and the children in attendance sang a song about Tamara which was composed by Ms Rita Gatt. The launch was attended by children in Kindergarten II form St Benedict College Ghaxaq and Hal-Kirkop primary schools as well as children from St. Francis School in St. Lucia. The event was presented by Ms Julie Pomorski who is a kindergarten assistant.

The Commissioner for Children, Ms Helen D’Amato, thanked all those involved for their hard work and encouraged others to take on this kind of inituative in order for there to be more big books. The Big Book will be dissemminated in each classroom of Kindergarten II in Malta and Gozo in State, Church and Independent Schools, to be used during the next scholastic year.