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Children of Third Country Nationals

Data tal-Pubblikazzjoni: Diċ 16, 2019

The Office of the Commissioner for Children has for a number of years been supporting third country nationals to access the rights of their children including family reunification and residence permits.

On more than one occasion the Office was in contact with various NGOs including the Maltese-Serbian Community regarding not only registration and residency issues, but also assisting parents and families to access state health and educational services in particular. The Office has acted as a spokesperson and reference point, helping to put these families in touch with the respective authorities to access their rights.

The Office has made and is making every effort to advocate for children of third country nationals and their families on the basis of the principle of the child’s best interests and a number of legally binding human rights provisions in particular the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child, which Malta ratified 29 years ago.

Presented with an increasing number of cases the Office has repeatedly put forward its concerns to the relevant authorities and recommends that all policies and practices affecting children should reflect their rights and best interests.

The Office would also like to emphasise that the exposure of these children in the media does not necessarily help their cause and may be harmful to them.​